Why U no have online presence?

Over the holidays, my laptop broke down. I knew that everywhere would be closed so I waited for Monday. Since my laptop is still under warranty, I decided that it would be best not to open it. Meanwhile I look for the agency on Facebook and Twitter to tell them about my problem.

Well what was I thinking? They don't have a Twitter account, no major activities on their Facebook page. Few hours ago today, we called the agency, no one picked up. Obviously there is nothing on their website about whether they are working today. There are a few email address. I should probably email them now.

This whole thing bugs me big time, most companies around our island still don't have a good online presence. I think that online support/presence from tech companies is vital. The company where I usually host my websites offers 24/7 online support. We are in different time-zones, sometimes when I contact them, it's 6 in the morning on their side and they do their best to solve my issues.

Way to go cyber-island, way to go..

Humeira Diljore

Humeira Diljore

Developer, lives on a little island call Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. These days, can often be found battling monsters & running around Hyrule.

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