Switching to Jekyll and Sourcetree

When I first started out with this site, it was built on some basic code I crafted myself, there was no CMS behind. Then, I came across Jekyll. Since, it is well-developed and it appeared to have everything I needed, I decided to give it a try. And, I like it.

Jekyll is a static site generator developed in Ruby. It basically takes your content written in Markdown, and passes it through your templates and give you a static website, ready to be deployed to your server. It does not require a database, no CMS, and it is extremely fast. What more can you ask for?

Git is a crucial part of my workflow. I have been using command-line for a while, got tired of it then moved to the GitHub app. The github app was not a pleasing experience, very often I had to switch back to command-line while I was using it.

I recently started using Sourcetree, a free Git & Mercurial client for both Mac and Windows. It has an impressive GUI, taking version control on a cooler level. Whenever you have cloned/added a git repository, you will be able to have a full overview of the commit logs together with code previews and branch merges.
What I like in particular is the git branch graph, it is much easier to see where you are in commit & branch differences when working with in team and different branches. With these being said, I think I will stick with Sourcetree for some time now.

Humeira Diljore

Humeira Diljore

Developer, lives on a little island call Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. These days, can often be found battling monsters & running around Hyrule.

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