So far, I like GruntJS

I have been on "holidays" for two months now. I had a lot of free time, read quite a lot (Mostly swapping from one book to another; the drawback of having an ereader I guess. I don't think I have read more than two books cover to cover though. What a shame!).

I am learning a lot of new things and absolutely loving every single bit of it. :-)


Some months back, I played around with Grunt but I didn't integrate it into my workflow. This time I did. Grunt is great, there are tons of plugins out there which can do just about anything you need in your workflow.

Curruntly in my workflow, Grunt minify my CSS/JS files, preprocess my SCSS files, lint my JS and concactenate them. I like the Livereload plugin a lot, luckily this also has been taken care of, grunt watch my SCSS files and reload my page with Grunt-Watch.

At the beginning what I didn't like about Grunt was that whenever I installed a module it added large chunks of codes into the Gruntfile.js file. It was too confusing for me. Fortunately there is a plugin for that, I came across load-grunt-config from Matt Bailey's A Beginners guide to Grunt . This plugin in turns allowed me to break the different task in seperate files. With it I can manage and modify the modules config easily. Great, isn't it?

So far, I like Grunt. I suggest you have it integrated into your workflow if you're not currently using it. It can be confusing at first, but there are a lot of tutorials around to help you out.

Humeira Diljore

Humeira Diljore

Developer, lives on a little island call Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. These days, can often be found battling monsters & running around Hyrule.

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