Moved to Ghost

I have been playing around with Ghost lately and decided to move to Ghost.

Previously I was using Jekyll. It is a static site generator and not a CMS in itself. I have been looking for a CMS that fits my needs and turns out that Ghost(just a blogging platform) has exactly what I need at the moment. It is open source, it has an absolutely gorgeous admin panel and I love it.

So last night, I put together this simple theme for my blog. Yeah I know I could have used the previous design, but I like iterations sometimes.

It is fairly easy to get started with Ghost. I quickly came up with something clean and minimal, and went ahead to code it. Bish bash bosh, is now using Ghost.

Humeira Diljore

Humeira Diljore

Developer, lives on a little island call Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. These days, can often be found battling monsters & running around Hyrule.

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